#116 Braided Onions, woodcut, (original limited edition print, printed directly from the woodblock by Jacques Hnizdovsky), 1971, 20" x 6" (image size)

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Jacques Hnizdovsky, #116 Braided Onions, woodcut, 1971, 20" x 6" (image size)
Braided Onions, 1971, original Jacques Hnizdovsky limited edition woodcut, hand printed, signed and numbered by the the artist. In the early 70s, a plethora of Israeli and Korean fruit and vegetable markets started to open in New York, in an era when supermarkets carried only the simple staples of apples, pears, oranges, onions, potatoes and string beans. Hnizdovsky would frequent these foreign markets for their copious selection of fruits and vegetables.

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