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Welcome to the Hnizdovsky Gallery! 

The Hnizdovsky Gallery™ is owned and operated by the Estate of Jacques Hnizdovsky, and is the direct source for all of Jacques Hnizdovsky's artwork. We have been selling directly to fine art collectors for 63 years, in order to guarantee authenticity and direct provenance.


Direct from the Hnizdovsky Estate to the Collector  

All prints shown on this website are original limited edition Jacques Hnizdovsky woodcuts, linocuts and etchings, hand printed, signed and numbered by the artist. Please note that the book Jacques Hnizdovsky Woodcuts and Etchings erroneously states that many prints were published by galleries. This is not true. Many print editions were purchased, not published by galleries. As for exhibition posters, apart from full color posters reproducing paintings, all posters created during Hnizdovsky's lifetime were hand printed by Jacques Hnizdovsky, most times directly from the woodblock, with custom designed lettering that was printed with a separate block or plate.

All artwork we sell (prints, paintings, pen and ink drawings, watercolors) are originals (not reproductions) and have been in our continuous possession since their creation date, therefore authenticity and direct provenance are guaranteed. Many prints shown in our online gallery are extremely rare, and many are the last ones available. All artworks are originals, in pristine condition, stored since their creation date under 24 hour archival care (strict temperature and humidity control). The Estate is prohibited from producing any editions of prints that have sold out. Once an edition sells out, it is gone forever.


Searching the Hnizdovsky Gallery™ 

You may search the Hnizdovsky Gallery™ by keywords such as woodcut, linocut or etching, the year the print was created, the number of the print in the book "Jacques Hnizdovsky Woodcuts & Etchings", or by subject: cats, sheep, shells, flowers, trees, food, etc.. You may view prints by decade, by searching for 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s. You may also search for horizontal, vertical or square, if your space dictates a particular format.


Ordering and Shipping 

We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Shipments are usually shipped the next day after an order is placed. Once your order ships, you will receive full tracking information via email. Prints normally arrive within two days (US orders). International collectors traveling to the US, we can overnight ship prints directly to your hotel. We include all documents you will need for duty-free entry for original works of art.


Matting and Framing Guidelines 

Once you receive your artwork, we recommend consulting the Library of Congress website for archival matting and framing recommendations. The paper Jacques Hnizdovsky printed on, Washi or Xuan has extreme longevity, but proper handling and framing is necessary. We recommend only matting with 100% pure rag museum board. All materials used in matting and framing must also be archival and acid-free.


Rights & Reproductions

Since all of Jacques Hnizdovsky's artwork is still fully protected by International copyright law, permission must be sought for all use. All requests concerning the use of images of Jacques Hnizdovsky’s works, whether in print, video, online, or on social media, must be addressed to the following copyright society representing the Hnizdovsky Estate:


Artists Rights Society (ARS)
65 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012 USA
Tel: (212) 420-9160 Fax: (212) 420-9286