About the Hnizdovsky Gallery™

Hnizdovsky Gallery™ owned by the Hnizdovsky Estate (the artist's family) is the direct source for all of Jacques Hnizdovsky's artwork, and the only source for prints authorized by the artist's estate.

All prints shown on this site are original limited edition Jacques Hnizdovsky woodcuts, linocuts and etchings, hand printed by Jacques Hnizdovsky. All artwork we sell has been in our continuous possession since its creation date and has not changed hands, therefore direct provenance and authenticity are guaranteed. Many prints are extremely rare, and many are the last of their respective editions. Once an edition is sold out, it is gone forever. The Estate is not allowed to reprint. 

Because we guarantee a direct line of ownership from artist to collector, we cannot purchase artwork. We recommend Shapiro Auctions in New York for those interesting in selling their collections.

You may search this site by keywords such as woodcut, linocut or etching, the year the print was created, or search by subject: cats, sheep, shells, flowers or trees. You may also search for horizontal, vertical or square, if your space dictates a particular format.

If you don't see a print you are interested in, please email us. Please note that our e-mail address cannot accept attachments or photographs. If your email provider has difficulty reaching us, please try using a GMail account.

To view all woodcuts, linocuts and etchings created by Jacques Hnizdovsky during his lifetime, please see the book: Jacques Hnizdovsky Woodcuts and Etchings.

We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, ApplePay, and soon, Bitcoins. Shipping is free via FedEx within the continental USA. We also ship to Canada via FedEx for a flat rate. International collectors, please email us to place an order and discuss shipping options. We have successfully shipped artwork to Japan numerous times, and have also shipped to China, France, and the United Kingdom.

All Hnizdovsky artwork, photographs and text are copyright protected internationally, and may not be used in any manner. Copyright protection and enforcement are handled directly by our legal team at wwiplaw.com. Additionally, all Hnizdovsky works are protected by a digital rights agency, which employs automated bots to monitor the internet for unauthorized use. A special note to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest users, using copyrighted images is a crime and may be subject to take-downs, account closures and fines. Please note that all of Hnizdovsky's work is still under full copyright protection. Only the official sites listed below are authorized to post. There are numerous sites that are using our work without permission. Do not share stolen images! Protect yourself!  There is a sharing exception made for images that we have uploaded onto the Wikimedia Commons (under the user name: hnizdovsky). Feel free to share them on social media with proper attribution.


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