#071 Ear of Corn, woodcut, (original limited edition print, printed directly from the woodblock by Jacques Hnizdovsky), 1967, 9.5" x 14" (image size)

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Jacques Hnizdovsky, #071 Ear of Corn, woodcut, 1967, 9.5" x 14" (image size)
Ear of Corn, 1967, original Jacques Hnizdovsky limited edition woodcut, hand printed, signed and numbered by the artist. Hnizdovsky had a habit of stopping his car anytime he saw an interesting subject. He parked at the edge of a cornfield, opened his trunk to retrieve his drawing supplies, and was met with a farmer pointing a shotgun at him, thinking Hnizdovsky was stealing corn. After a through search of Hnizdovsky's vehicle, seeing that indeed the artist was innocent, the farmer allowed Hnizdovsky to take a few ears of corn with him to draw.

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