#138 7:45 AM, woodcut, (original limited edition print, printed directly from the woodblock by Jacques Hnizdovsky), 1972, 15.875" x 24" (image size)

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Jacques Hnizdovsky, #138 7:45 AM, woodcut, 1972, 15.875" x 24" (image size)
7:45 AM, 1972, original Jacques Hnizdovsky limited edition woodcut, hand printed, signed and numbered by the artist.  Why are the office workers without clothes in 7:45AM? Similar to his love of leafless trees with their intertwining branches, Hnizdovsky renders the workers legs into a decorative repeating pattern. This love of repeating pattern can be best seen in Hnizdovsky's prints of birds and sheep. To Hnizdovsky, clothes were irrelevant. They quickly go out of style and date a piece. Hnizdovsky missed sculpting, drawing and painting nudes, since that was part of his formal training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

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